Rose Rocks

Well, it's only 3 weeks into February and I'm finally sharing my February flavor of the month with you! Better late than never, right? Right?! 

This month has definitely been a whirlwind for Sweet Gems. I have had more orders than ever before, which is amazing! I am so delighted that y'all like my sweet treats and support my mission to share geology with everyone! With the busy-ness, though, comes less sleep, less doggy cuddles (which is the WORST, amiright?!?!), and less time to spend blogging. But I'm here today, y'all! Three day weekend for the win!! 

February's flavor is probably the funnest (is that a word?) one to date! It is sweet, fruity, and best of all, boozy. That's right. Boozy. Because we baked with rosé. Can you say yum? 

Rosé Macarons, #sweetgemshtx #bakingwithgeology

This flavor was inspired by one of my favorite minerals, the barite rose. These minerals are thought to have formed in the subsurface within fractures and faults of a sandstone. As water flowed through the pores and faults within the rock, barite precipitated out of solution since it is highly insoluble. Barite crystals grow in a radial habit from a single nucleation point in three dimensions, kind of like blades on a fan. Therefore, the crystals arrange themselves in a rosette pattern, which results in the overall structure looking like a rose bloom. Isn't that incredible?! This usually occurs in dry and sandy environments. Throughout parts of geologic history (specifically the Permian time), Oklahoma was a semi-arid environment with periodic marine fluctuations, providing a fantastic environment in which the barite roses could develop. Because barite roses are typically only found in Oklahoma, barite rose is the state rock of Oklahoma (even though it's a mineral, not a rock, but that's a blog post for another day...) 

Rosé Macarons, #sweetgemshtx #bakingwithgeology

I don't have any samples of barite rose (although I really should after living in Oklahoma for 6 years!!!!), so I don't have photos to share. The images that pop up on Google, though, are fantastic if you want to see just how amazing barite roses are! 

So, next time you're drinking a glass of rosé with your friends during happy hour, you can share with them these fun little tidbits about barite rose! And if you ever find yourself hiking around Oklahoma, be on the look out for these rose rocks! 

Photos: Elisheva Golani and Daniel Golani

Calligraphy: Kristara

Florals: Flower Vibes

Styling: Melia Rebeca Events

Decor: Decor and More Rentals