September Flavor of the Month

Olive oil. With sugar. Weird? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely.


When trying to think of this month’s special flavor, I thought about what September means to me. It used to mean back-to-school (so maybe some apple flavor), end of summer (maybe a fruity flavor), and then it hit me. Last September was the best and most important September of all Septembers! It was the September I got married!


After our wedding, we honeymooned in Italy. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss rowing the canals of Venice, climbing up the clock tower in Florence, or walking the ancient ruins in Rome. I loved Italy. I want to live in Italy. And drink all the wine and eat all the cuttlefish pasta in Italy (I promise, it’s amazing!!!)


So what a better way to celebrate our 1-year anniversary of our Italian vacay (and our wedding!!!) than with lemons and olive oil?! I found this ahhhhmazing lemon infused olive oil from Olive and Vine in City Centre. While I was at the shop, I learned a TON about olive oil. Did you know that it takes a full generation to make olive oil?! I had no idea either. While we were there, we also got a huge bottle for our regular cooking, too. Seriously y’all, this stuff is good.

So I experimented with some cupcakes to make sure I could even get a good batch baking with olive oil, and man oh man, are they good. Different from a traditional cupcake, but tasty as ever for sure!

Now you’re wondering, what the heck is geologic about olive oil?! Well, I was wondering the same thing when I walked into the shop to pick up the oil. But then, after talking with the owners about how olive oil is made, how long it takes, and how it is stored in barrels while it is maturing, it hit me! This sounds awfully familiar to PETROLEUM oil.


Yes, definitely not as tasty, but just as important! After all, my job kind of depends on it ;) Petroleum oil is formed from ancient rocks with high organic matter content (think rocks with a lot of plant/bug remains in it). After millions of years of heating up due to getting buried deeper and deeper, the organic rock, also known as the source rock, begins to transform that organic matter into oil! The oil is a fluid and moves through rocks until it gets stuck somewhere (also known as a trap). We explore for these traps of oil, and when we make a discovery, the amount of oil in the trap is measured in BARRELS of oil.


Cool, right?! I must say, I’m a little more biased towards the olive version of oil since, you know, you can actually eat it :P Enjoy, friends!